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More vile shite here.

‘Multi award-winning writer Mark Millar has revamped the X-Men, launched a number one Spider-Man title, brought Captain America into the 21st Century and made Superman a communist. He is also the writer of the US industry’s biggest-selling comic book of the past decade, Marvel’s Civil War, published in 2007. His Wanted comic series was the industry’s biggest-selling creator-owned book of the last ten years until he smashed his own record with Kick-Ass, each issue selling more than Spider-Man and X-Men from issue one with an unprecedented five printings every issue. Both properties were sold as movies before the first issue hit the stands and everything Millar has ever created is in various stages of theatrical development. Wanted starred Angelina Jolie and James McAvoy. Kick-Ass stars actor Nicolas Cage.’

As that other great villain John Bender says, ‘The world’s an imperfect place’.

Still, Nicolas Cage though…

10 Responses to “Great moments in bastardry – Kill ‘em all”

  1. Joe Says:

    It’s like he actually believes we live in a Mark Millar comic.

  2. Illogical Volume Says:

    Maybe we do Joe. Maybe we do..

  3. Thrills Says:

    It’s shite like this that makes the thought of buying his upcoming comic with Quitely into a difficult decision. On the one hand, QUITELY, but on the other hand – I don’t want to support anything by Millar if this is the sort of bollocks he believes in. I know that I should be able to separate the man from the work and enjoy a story on its own merits etc etc, but, I mean, jings.

  4. Dan K Says:

    Truely, history’s greatest monster. One of these days we’re going to hear a news report that Mark Millar and Grant Morrison have plunged to thier deaths over the Reichenbach Falls.

  5. Nick Whitman Says:

    I’m sure Quitely will be off the book after a few issues/delays/it’s always fucking something with that guy, so you can stop buying then and feel good about it when sales drop off post-Frank.

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