2011 Mindless Podcast #5 Concrete

February 16th, 2011

If you’re a human being then you’ve probably always dreamed of hearing a tired man um and err his way around a description of Paul Chadwick’s Concrete.  Dear listener, dreams really do come true!

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  1. Shade1983 Says:

    This made me ridiculously happy. Concrete’s one of my favorite things to come out of the eighties, yet I so rarely hear people talking about it.

    My personal favorite is his first mini-series “Fragile Creatures.”

    I think it’s interesting that guys like Miller and Chaykin approached superheroes by reintegrating the pulpier influences that had been lost when the Comics Code came into effect. Chadwick almost goes in the opposite direction striping out much of the the pulp and melodramatic aspects, and instead focusing an just how simultaneously bizarre and wonder inducing it would be to find your self in an assexual concrete body that occasionally (Spoiler alert) grows horns and has babies.

  2. werdsmiffery Says:

    It sounds like an utterly charming comic, from the podcast. I’ll have to look out for it.

    Oh, and someone needs to write/draw that “superheroes in regular jobs” crossover. The Flash pushing trolleys across Tesco’s car park, Batman handing out parking tickets … the possibilities are endless.

  3. Jog Says:

    YES – Fragile Creature is definitely my favorite of the run… the only one of the longer stories to retain the sort of relaxed, ambling feel of the earlier short stories, which lends the whole of it a dreamy texture… the movie-making setting helps too, I believe drawn from Chadwick’s experiences in film.

    If you can find the earlier, color edition, I’d recommend getting that… it’s a very odd, delicate, sort of awkward, endearing partial color scheme… like, how sometimes the first page or so of a manga chapter might be in full color, and then the next few pages will withdraw a bit from the color before it goes into b&w? The whole book is a bit like those middle pages, and it added a lot to the atmosphere for me…

  4. Monsters are Everywhere » Blog Archive » Parcels for 2/16/2011 Says:

    [...] 2011 Mindless Podcast #5 Concrete The Mindless ones discuss Concrete, a brilliant series from Paul Chadwick that’s been a blast to read.  They give it a pretty good overview, discussing some of what makes Concrete so charming and effective. [...]

  5. Shade1983 Says:


    I couldn’t agree more about the color edition. That’s what I have. Not to brag, but I live in Portland, Oregon which is pretty much just up the road from Dark Horse Central, so it’s not too hard to find back issues and old collections if you know which shops to check.

    I recall that early on one of Concrete’s “powers” was that he would vomit acid instead of crying when his body needed emotional catharsis. That seems to have been dropped over the years.

  6. Zom Says:


  7. tam Says:

    Concrete is one of my favourite things ever, especially the short stories like ‘Stay tuned for pearl Harbour’, which do the sort of things you can only do with comics.

    As Chadwick himself has occasionally pointed out, Concrete’s closest comic relative is probably Tin Tin rather than the Thing, in the way he goes and has lots of different adventures all over the world although it’s more adult and thoughtful than Herge’s work.

    I’d also recommend reading Chadwick’s star war’s story, (even if you dislike star wars as much as I do). I think it’s called DarkLighter about Luke Skywalker’s best mate and it’s a really good Alan Mooreish take on the star wars world…

  8. tam Says:

    Also, good point you make about it being autobiographical. Come to think of it, my other favourite title of the time was Peter Bagge’s Hate. In mood they were polar opposites, but I suppose I responded to the fact they were both very personal comics.

    BTW I’d love to hear you do a podcast on Bagge’s apocalypse nerd, which has to be the most underrated comic ever

  9. The Beast Must Die Says:

    Not read Apocalypse Nerd, but I adore Hate*, so I should check it out.

    *There’s a good case for Budy & Lisa being the best couple in comics, although Scott Free and Big Barda will always pip them to the post…

  10. Paul Chadwick Says:

    Thanks for covering me, guys, the kind words and the critiques (yeah, exposition…).

    But I do have to mention that that quotation I made was Elbert Hubbard, American newspaperman, not L. Freakin’ Ron Hubbard, con man messiah!

    Not a Scientologist! If I was, I’d be hangin’ with Cruise and Travolta and maybe the Concrete movie wouldn’t have disappeared into development limbo.

  11. Gary Lactus Says:

    Phew! Glad to hear it! Thanks for stopping by, Mr. Chadwick.

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