For this next bit of our 2010 get-together, Bobsy brought along Clint and Dodgem Logic for The Beast Must Die, Zom, Gary Lactus and Amy Poodle to talk about. This is what it sounded like:

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15 Responses to “2010 Mindless Podcast #2 Clint and Dodgem Logic”

  1. Botswana Beast Says:

    From the email I just sent, scattered, malformed, basically half-thought talking pts, as good as I can seem to manage on my better days anymore:

    …actually found Rex Royd basically incoherent, no conjunction
    between scenes, really hard to read, and I love Frankie B…

    …don’t mind Steve Moore’s article on war, really, it says a bunch of
    obvious, childlike things, but sometimes they do need to be put
    together, I pretty much totally agreed with every word…

    …have only read 2 issues of DL, the burlesque one was 100% shit, bar
    the Kev O’Neill page, the gay one had a Steve Aylett strip (Cf: yr Das
    Caterer, a Fall song so good it had to be franchised) and the lesbian
    teacher one was really affecting and holy-shit-ish, and that’s
    basically all I liked. Oh, well, I liked Alan talking about how shit
    Star Wars was because I like anyone saying that, esp. the Magus.

  2. Mark Kardwell Says:

    Can’t stand either.

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  4. It Burns Says:

    So a guy walks into a comic shop in America, asks: “Do you have any copies of Dodgem Logic?”

    The owner says, “Who?”


  5. Alec Trench Says:

    Fuckin ey, it’s the USA.

  6. Thrills Says:

    I really think a magazine that features ‘hot mums’ and ‘sexy chavs’, however ‘ironic’ it is supposed to be, doesn’t deserve purchase. Culture caters enough to lad mag folk already, so Clint can go jump in a lake/take a long walk off a short pier/fuck right off.

    The only Dodgem Logic I’ve read is the ‘A kiss can change the world’ issue, and it just seemed more like a neat slab of culture to have, and it actually poses some interest to real live female humans, too!

    I realise the two magazines aren’t in competition as they have differing demographics, but Dodgem Logic is much more betterer, so it is.

    S’what I think, anyway.

  7. Zom Says:

    Total agreement danger

  8. amypoodle Says:

    oh, yeah, me too. i’d actually fork out money for dl, something i’d absolutely never do for that other piece of shit.

    anyway, it’s not just the lad mag stuff is le dodge, it’s also that it’s so half arsed, and, well, what year is this? 1998?

  9. Thrills Says:

    Yeah, it reminds me of a shitty mid-90s Playstation magazine.

  10. tam Says:

    What happened to the ‘post-weeing’ comic review bit then?

  11. Illogical Volume Says:

    TO BE CONTINUED… in the next episode!

  12. Illogical Volume Says:

    Also, while we’re on the subject of wee: for all the dull pish that’s been published in Dodgem Logic, it’s never made me feel like I was pissing landmines so it wins over CLiNT forever, yes.

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