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Andrew and Steven in


Part 14


46 Responses to “The Amusing Brothers, Andrew and Steven.”

  1. The Beast Must Die Says:

    He reminds me of the babe.

  2. Faisal Says:


    thank you.

  3. Shiny Jim Says:

    I guess this was all just a way for the homo superior to improve his fame and show his impressivly deranged scaly fashion. It’s good that they were all british, because apparently he’s afraid of americans, young americans in particular. I just hope this new killer star’s five year spree doesn’t lead to a rock and roll suicide, that someone can bring the disco king back down to this criminal world and we won’t be saying ashes to ashes.

    …space oddity

  4. Zom Says:

    What a pillock that David Bowie is! Cor!

  5. Faisal Says:

    As a Bowie fetishist, I would love to be able to poke Bowie with the callous familiarity that Mick does in panel 3.

    wait that came out all wrong…

  6. Alphonse Says:

    Mindless Ones editorial;

    It’s good, I guess, that you’re allowing Andrew and Stephen a way to express themselves. But I’m not sure if anyone would miss them, if they were gone.

  7. It Burns Says:

    HEY! Andrew and Steven WILL NEVER DIE!!!

  8. amypoodle Says:

    i’d miss them a great deal.

    al, are you american? i only ask because andrew and steven possesses a uniquely british flavour/sense of humour that i know probably won’t go down that well with people on the other side of the pond. something to do with not picking up its tone.

  9. Andrew Hickey Says:

    Alphonse, plenty of us would miss Andrew & Stephen. It’s one of the funniest, most original, webcomics I’ve ever seen.

  10. Gary Lactus Says:

    They are good because they are animated and charismatic. With their fun, coloured ties and nice smart shoes they have been entertaining children for the last two or so years! I think Mick ‘n’ Dave are a trickier sell to our core demographic.

  11. Botswana Beast Says:

    Alphonse is not American, he is the (wind-up) artist formerly known as Alex’s Grandma/Mark E Smith/Ian ver Sorr etc.

    Did I never give you his script for a swatch, amy, I definitely meant to?

  12. plok Says:

    Hm, I had thought Al was saying he would’ve enjoyed The Dragon Bit just as much if Andrew and Stephen hadn’t been in it? Though I can’t agree with that, myself…just knowing they’re there fills me with a reassuring…

    Um…sense of

    “Caustic observation”, maybe? No, no, not “caustic”…


  13. Illogical Volume Says:

    Oh Gary Lactose, I’m so glad that I’m not intolerant of you or your creations – the amazing Amusing Brother, who rule from station to station!

    Keep the comics coming mate, and Make Mine Mindless!

  14. plok Says:

    Love the Viz-ziness of this one!

  15. plok Says:

    (I keep calling him “Stephen” ’cause he looks like Stephen Harper.)

    (Also, would this be a good time to offer a book for sale?)

  16. Botswana Beast Says:

    Having said, that, Alphonse, there is a very real possibility you have upset Gary Lactus and should probably explain yrself else, Lo! we shall see what it is for a God to cry, e.g.


    not something one would care to view twice in a lifetime.

  17. Zom Says:

    Happiness. They fill you with happiness.

  18. plok Says:

    Styptic happiness!

  19. plok Says:

    Also, I’m an idiot, I missed the whole “CD with illustrated booklet” thing, before…

  20. Illogical Volume Says:

    Yes – that!

  21. Illogical Volume Says:

    Oops, was responding to the “Styptic happiness!” comment.

    Damn you, The Internet!

  22. plok Says:

    It is always doing that! Can’t we get someone in here to fix it?

  23. Zom Says:


  24. plok Says:

    grumble grumble Mindless grumble so cheap grumble won’t even spring for proper The Internet…

  25. Shaun Boy Says:

    Ney feckin’ tune again boy?!

    Alphonse putting the A in Anus

  26. The Beast Must Die Says:

    What babe?

  27. Jack Fear Says:

    Alphonse is not American, he is the (wind-up) artist formerly known as Alex’s Grandma


  28. The Beast Must Die Says:

    The babe with the power.

  29. Zom Says:

    Good call, Bots. Al’s sentence construction sure as shit looks like Alex’s.

    Hello Alex.

    We will need to divert more power to those containment fields… [heads over to the ruin that is Barbelith]… Nope they’re definitely utterly fucked.

  30. Zom Says:

    What power?

  31. Gary Lactus Says:

    The power of the voodoo.

  32. Botswana Beast Says:

    No, it definitely is, he has the same email address – with his government name – and everything, I’m not just playing internet detective.

    So, it’s basically like Barbelith fell and AG, like Surtur before him, hath run free to upset other Gods, i.e. Gary Lactus; we’re approximately at the end of Simonson’s first year on Thor, here.

  33. amypoodle Says:


    how can someone ALWAYS be a troll, like forever?

  34. Zom Says:

    Who do?

  35. Botswana Beast Says:

    He is generally a terrifically entertaining troll, though.

    To wit, on the C Bat-rogues

    Damien, who’s presumably heading for the doghouse at the end of the current run, sets up a quasi cave/lab in Gotham’s sewers, and hunts down the C-list, one by one, while a)skint and b)riding a new Bat-Hound, that he’s gene modified after, perhaps, one too many hits of Scarecrow gas. He could be allowed to get away with this for quite a while

  36. Zom Says:

    I’ve always loved a bit of Alex. Just a bit.

  37. Gary Lactus Says:

    You do!

  38. Gary Lactus Says:

    Have I missed something here? Am I supposed to have been dissed in some way? Has a comment been removed?

  39. Zom Says:


  40. Gary Lactus Says:

    In that case, I perceived nothing dissy or trolly in Alphonse’s comment.

  41. amypoodle Says:

    yeah, i should’ve mentioned that he’s always been a funny troll. was going to but ended up not bothering. don’t know why. anyway, yes, he’s a funny troll. and round these parts that excuses him.

  42. The Beast Must Die Says:

    Do what?

  43. DAVID BOWIE Says:


  44. Shaun Boy Says:

    Beep Beep

  45. Illogical Volume Says:

    Even though I didn’t get my cameo, this strip did at least end with a little nod in my direction with the “Oh, David!” caption.

    I know that Bowie is also part of the brotherhood of Dave, but I also know which David is closer to Garrray Lactates blackened heart.

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