It’s been a while since we Mindless got together and talked.  Really talked.  Like this:


Except when we get together there are no ladies and we talk about this:


So why not listen in as Gary Lactus, Bobsy, Zom, The Beast Must Die and Amy Poodle chat about Thor The Mighty Avenger by Roger Langridge and Chris Samnee.

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20 Responses to “2010 Mindless Podcast #1 Thor The Mighty Avenger”

  1. It Burns Says:

    Did you say “hauntology” or “ontology”?

  2. amypoodle Says:


  3. Zom Says:

    Poodle FAIL, Burns? I think Poodle FAIL.

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  5. taterpie Says:

    I’m really fond of Thor TMA myself, and I think Matt Wilson, the colorist, should get a bit of praise for his throwback, flat tints. There’s something just very nostalgic about the book, and I think the coloring assists in that.

    And if you did mention it and I lost it in the crosschatter, sorry!

  6. Zom Says:

    Good point, pietater!

  7. amypoodle Says:

    it wasn’t a bloody fail, though. i never say ontology when i mean hauntology. i know the difference.

  8. Zom Says:

    Still FAILING!

  9. amypoodle Says:


  10. Botswana Beast Says:

    I heard ‘hauntology’, Ames, don’t listen to the nasty big boys.

  11. Gary Lactus Says:

    Yeah, the colour thing. I did mean to mention it but got a bit lost in the chit-chat. I realised the colouring was great when I saw a bookshelf in the background of a panel. The books were quite impressionistic and the colour was sensitive to that whilst still adding definition. Very well judged. Well done Matt Wilson.

  12. It Burns Says:

    Naw naw it’s a Burns hearing FAIL. I was pretty sure it was hauntology cuz I couldn’t see how ontology made sense in the context Amy used it. I see now that I should have kept it to myself since I have now caused international uproar.

  13. It Burns Says:

    And the reason I asked was cuz I don’t/didn’t know what hauntology was.

  14. Zom Says:

    I thought you might be referencing the much cited core ambiguity that underlies the term hauntology: the fact that hauntology and ontology sound the same when spoken by french people. Derrida invented the term hauntology on the back of said confusion.

    I though you were being clever, Burns, but instead it’s Burns ignorance FAIL!

  15. amypoodle Says:

    like i said….

  16. Zom Says:

    It was perfectly reasonable to assume that Burns was making a joke given the context

  17. It Burns Says:

    I am nowhere near that witty.

  18. Zebtron A. Rama Says:

    So happy about the return of the Podcast (no Timbus?)

    So sad about the cancellation of Thor the Mighty Avenger.

  19. Zom Says:

    Nother pod on the way very soon

  20. Gary Lactus Says:

    No Tymbus, sorry. He dropped out of public life when the pressure got too much for him. Like Gary Newman he married a fan of his work and settled down.

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