The Beast is a Zombie! on TV!

October 30th, 2010

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Look Ma! I want brains….!

So I got to fulfill a life-long dream and play one of the undead in the documentary The Truth Behind Zombies, airing on National Geographic this weekend. Full on Zombie make-up by all round super talented nice-guy Dan Martin as well. It was great fun. Got to tick all the boxes: Spewing fake blood?<check>, chewing on dismembered limbs and guts?<check>, shamble round deserted warehouse? <check>. I have to say, life as a zombie was pretty sweet. Everything was a lot more…straightforward. I was sad to come back…


Anyway, here’s some programe details:


“It begins as an outbreak: humans exhibiting an extreme level of violence, entranced states and a descent into madness.  Within days, the epidemic has spread, with fear and tales of the walking dead gripping the planet.  But while these tell-tale zombie characteristics are more blockbuster Hollywood movie than real-life pandemic, is there some truth behind the zombie myth?

The premiere of Zombies: The Truth aired internationally on Friday 29 October at 9pm (with repeats on Saturday 30 and Sunday 31st) and has it’s US debut on Saturday 30th October at 10pm, and explores the origin of zombies, their religious roots and whether mutated virus strains could cause devastation of zombie proportions. With commentary from zombie enthusiasts and cult experts, virologists and mathematical epidemiologists, this unique show separates the truths from the fiction that surrounds one of popular cultures most tangible monsters.”

By the end of this programme you’ll know how to survive a real-life zombie attack!

  • Zombies: The Truth: Episode 1
    Delve into the history behind the zombie myth, as this documentary asks: could the apparently dead really rise again?
    Saturday 30 October at 11:00PM – National Geographic Channel
    Sunday 31 October at 8:00PM – National Geographic Channel
    Repeats:  Tuesday 2 November at 6:00PM – National Geographic Channel

Go to the National Geographic TV website for more info, plus a zombie simulator game!


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