At the end of April, Garen Ewing came along to Cartoon County for an informal chat amongst fellow comic creators the Cricketers pub in Brighton.

We mostly talked about his series The Adventures of Julius Chancer: The Rainbow Orchid, published by Egmont.  Book Two is due in July with Book One available now and you could win a copy (see below).  The conversation covered a number of topics including Tin Tin, Asterix, The DFC, Class and British comics and off into a discussion about digital comics which everyone has an opinion on which is why this podcast is so long…  well,


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Garen, David Lloyd and Dez Skinn.








Finished artwork from The Rainbow Orchid Book 2


Some of Garen’s unpublished Charlie Jefferson and the Tomb of Nazaleod work for the DFC

rainboworchidcoverThis is the very book, signed and sketched in by Garen which you could win! Simply email us at [email protected] the answer to this question:

What does DFC stand for?
Answer before July the First 2010 and you could be enjoying this gripping adventure for yourself!

3 Responses to “Cartoon County interview #2: Garen Ewing”

  1. Zom Says:

    Very beautiful art. I think I might get this.

    Any gratis copies, Lactus?

  2. Gary Lactus Says:

    Just the one, signed and sketched in which we’re giving away. You could always enter!

  3. Nick Says:

    Have just sent you my address, so have come to check out what the prize was as it’s been a while since I sent you my answer. If I may be allowed to repeat myself: Wow! Am so looking forward to recieving this!

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