INSOMNIA – by Dan White

May 13th, 2010


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  2. RetoWarbird Says:

    Fantastic. I have some friends that’ll be exposed to this.

  3. Zom Says:


  4. James W Says:

    Flippin’ lovely. Interested: did you photoref this (curtain/hand)? Not because photoref is evil, but because if so this is a perfect example of how to Do It Right.

  5. George Osborne Says:

    Who over the age of 12 responds to an image like that with Eeek! Please this is getting completely out of control boy…I’m booking you in for a special test! x

  6. Zom Says:

    Who above the age of 12 is quite so concerned with not looking like he’s 12? Teenagers and you, apparently, George Osbourne.

    My online image doesn’t need protecting, I regularly post to a comics blog, for fucksake. I’ve already lost.

  7. Zom Says:

    …In further self-condemnation, I have a post in the works which is all about how “awesome” Batman & Robin #12 is. I might even use the term “awesome sauce”.

    Welcome to comicblogland.

  8. George Osborne Says:

    That my friend is a poor excuse.

  9. bobsy Says:

    To be fair to George, he only graduated from Oxonbridge University last term, and his daddy’s just got him this jolly important new job, so it’s only understandable that he might be a bit of a hot cross bunny at the moment.

  10. George Osborne Says:

    shut it salty…Lollylolz

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