INSOMNIA – by Dan White

April 21st, 2010



Terminus is still away on it’s summer holiday. Starting today and appearing every Wednesday for the next few weeks is something a little different: INSOMNIA

I hope you enjoy them…

11 Responses to “INSOMNIA – by Dan White”

  1. James W Says:

    Equal parts disturbing and lovely: bravo.

  2. LollyLolz Says:


  3. colin smith Says:

    See that thing over there, that thing that’s not on Mindless Ones.Com? That’s not cool.

    And that thing, that great big thing-thing, over there? Way over there? Folks fussing about it big-time?

    Not cool either.

    This thing. This children-with-bird-heads-thing.

    Very cool indeed. Very cool.


  4. Matthew Craig Says:

    Lovely art.


  5. David Uzumeri Says:

    Holy shit.

  6. It Burns Says:

    Sort of reads like a cut-up piece, yeah? The cut-and-paste paper captions certainly alludes to that idea.
    Either way. Boss.

  7. plok Says:

    Holy CRAP I love this!!

  8. INSOMNIA (a new weekly oddity) « Says:

    [...] is the first Insomnia, my new strip appearing over at Mindless Ones, while Terminus is on holiday. It’s something different, and I intend to take it into some [...]

  9. plok Says:

    Did I mention that the “and I killed a snail” line completely messes me up?

  10. Botswana Beast Says:

    Terminus is great and all, I love it, I’d never treat it like someone’s rubbish first child because it isn’t.

    But I supersexlove these.

  11. Dan K Says:

    I fuckin’ love it.

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