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5 Responses to “Terminus – a weekly comic strip”

  1. bobsy Says:

    Best Terminus ever?

    Nice timely Lost Boys ref too.

  2. Zom Says:

    Awesome sauce

  3. The Golden Plumz Says:

    brap brap brap we’re goin’ in!

  4. Dusanjos Says:

    There is someone you can tell from the bototm of the screen their is some hair and a vague shape of a face + Eric was just drinking blood from someone (you can tell from the blood on his chin) I think it’s Sookie because the hair is blond and the shape of the face is somewhat familar to that of Sookie

  5. Fahim Says:

    the x-men comic didn’t do very well when it first came out. Then they added more international ctcraahers like Wolverine, Nightcrawler etc. Also, like they say in this video, it was very cheesy in the beggining. Then they added more serious issues like war and social issues like human experimentation, and that’ why they gain popularity

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