Welcome, dear listener to another forty-odd minutes of intensely engaging, life-changing chit-chat.  In this podcast I try and tie everything together with the idea that it’s dreams what keep comics alive whilst Tymbus tries to torpedo my motif and rants about the European Union.  Fancy a listen?  What say you?


Adventure into amazing!

Click to download Vault Of Tymbus #8

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Here’s a page from Will Eisner’s “The Dreamer”.  It shows Eisner’s Jack Kirby analogue in action.  He’s just like The Thing.

Jack “Thing” Kirby.


Look here now at Roger Gibson and Vice Danks’ “Harker” from Ariel Press.


This is the cover to #3.  I think that pub’s right round the corner from Gosh.


Here’s Modern Spleen.


It’s not great.  Here’s the best bit:


Thanks for listening and keep dreaming!


9 Responses to “Gary Lactus’ Vault of Tymbus #8”

  1. Neon Snake Says:

    A lot of good points, well made and tightly argued.

    I think that Bobsy Junior’s defense of editorial policies in today’s economic climate re. niche marketing and the overbearing policies of the so-called “Big Two” was particularly insightful and articulately delivered.


  2. Zom Says:

    Perhaps Bobsy junior and Zom junior should do a podcast together… fuck all this Vault of Tymbus stuff

  3. Roger Gibson Says:

    Hi guys – many thanks for the plug! I laughed along with you throughout the discussion, as you were pretty much on the money in your observations. I’m not sure that Vince has ever seen CSI (I’m not a fan myself) but it’s absolutely intended to have the feel of tv detective shows (right down to the classic car he drives). On the cheese and pickles controversy, my feeling is that Harker probably has cheese and Branston sandwiches, and eats pickles out of the jar. Or I could just send you a No Prize *cough*
    Gene Hunt is definitely an influence, along with Morse, Columbo, Monk and Frost – Harker is a synthesis of them all. I have no idea who Horatio is though…
    On the Diamond subject, it is indeed the minimum order thing as you mentioned, though they are carrying our first collected edition in the August edition of Previews, and we’re hoping that’ll lead to the comic being given another try. We’re supplying a number of British shops ourselves anyway, though we’d like to get into the US, of course. But it’s ticking over nicely and making a small profit, so we can’t complain :)
    Thanks again for the plug! Issue five is available as we speak, on the website!


  4. Zom Says:

    I think I might well have been persuaded to pick up your book, Roger. That cover’s lovely

  5. Zom Says:

    Just bought 4 issues. The Internet and impulse buys, eh?

  6. Roger Gibson Says:

    Vince definitely excelled himself on that cover, it’s my favourite of the series so far too. And as mentioned above, it is just a few yards down the road from Gosh. Hope you’ll enjoy the comic, Zom!

  7. Zom Says:

    Hope so too. I want to like it

  8. Gary Lactus Says:

    Thanks for listening, Roger and thanks for the comments. Best of luck with Harker. Looks like we’ve sold at least four copies for you so hooray! Happy to hear it’s making a small profit, that’s got to be encouraging to anyone who may wish to go down the self publishing route.

  9. Tymbus Says:

    And I kept buying it…

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