Welcome, dear listener to another forty-odd minutes of intensely engaging, life-changing chit-chat.  In this podcast I try and tie everything together with the idea that it’s dreams what keep comics alive whilst Tymbus tries to torpedo my motif and rants about the European Union.  Fancy a listen?  What say you?


Adventure into amazing!

Click to download Vault Of Tymbus #8


Click to enlarge these images.

Here’s a page from Will Eisner’s “The Dreamer”.  It shows Eisner’s Jack Kirby analogue in action.  He’s just like The Thing.

Jack “Thing” Kirby.


Look here now at Roger Gibson and Vice Danks’ “Harker” from Ariel Press.


This is the cover to #3.  I think that pub’s right round the corner from Gosh.


Here’s Modern Spleen.


It’s not great.  Here’s the best bit:


Thanks for listening and keep dreaming!


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