Everyone loves Jack Kirby, right?  Come listen now as I, Gary Lactus discuss with that corpulent comic critic, Tymbus, The Losers from DC Comics.  Originally published in Our Fighting Forces, this podcast deals with the recently collected hardback.  We also try an experiment in which I use the sound effects from the book to generate some Dadaist sound poetry.

Click to download Vault of Tymbus #7


Here’s a prime example of Kirby’s use of forced perspective. Work for you?

Kirby predicts Susan Boyle


The Losers take passive smoke very seriously…


This here’s Panama Fattie…


She should have her own mini series.  Are you out there, Mr. Ennis?


What’s that sound?


It’s Gary Lactus turning the horror of war into poetry like a fucking genius!

‘Til next time, keep it cosmic.

3 Responses to “Gary Lactus’ Vault of Tymbus #7”

  1. amypoodle Says:


    are you going to perform any of that at Desperate for Love (brighton poetry night -ED)? You really should.

    Is there such a thing as *found* poetry. i suppose there must be……..

  2. Gary Lactus Says:

    No I won’t be doing that at the excellent Desperate For Love poetry night (at the Komedia in Brighton) but I hope to perform the collected Andrew and Steven words as poetry there in the future (hopefull with YOU, Amy Poodle). I suppose sound effects poetry could do well there though. Hmmm…

    Thanks for the positive response. I’ll take that as reason enough to really get into this idea and arrogantly make our millions of listeners sit through hours and hours of hardcore sound effects poetry just so they can get to the sweet nut of Tymbus contained within. Man that guy’s popular!

  3. Thrills Says:

    The sound effect poetry would be pretty rad against a flickering backdrop of Kirby cosmic dots.



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