X-Men Origins: Wolverine

May 16th, 2009

For legal reasons discussed on this podcast I have been forced to let Tymbus out of the vault.  He promptly squandered his freedom on going to the cinema to see that there Wolverine movie.  He was clearly excited about the prospect as I found this drawing whilst slopping out the vault.


Download Wolverine review

9 Responses to “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”

  1. Zom Says:


    You fucking weirdo, Lactus

    Tymbus, many, many people loathe Gambit. He’s pretty much the scapegoat for the bizzarro comics folly that was 90s X-comics. He also said “cher” a lot and had a mullet modelled after Jean Claude Van Damme’s in Hard Target

  2. Triplets Says:

    I smell an X-Men Heroes Review for ol’ Remy…

  3. Triplets Says:

    Gary has a great voice for radio.

    “Before we start Tymbus is with me here”

    “……. Am I?”

    Perfect pause. I lol’d.

  4. Triplets Says:

    It’s a great double-act. Tymbus’, er, timbre and pitch being slightly higher than Gary’s means it’s very easy to follow the back and forth. Plus Tymbus sounds like Mark Heap which is even better

    “And your power gloves! Which are… particularly… luuuummmiissscceentt”.

  5. Gary Lactus Says:

    Just come back from interviewing Kevin O’Neill. Bobsy was there. He reckoned we went on too long at the beginning of this podcast talking about our own shit and not getting down to the serious business of X-Men Origins Colon Wolverine. Whatever. It’s only Wolverine! Watch this space for our Kevin O’Neil interview by the way. It’s amazing! We find out his preferred type of sandwich and everything! EXCLUSIVE!!!!!!!

  6. Triplets Says:


    The whole ‘Tymbus’ welfare’ thing was a bit of an overly long gag but the podcast works as a strange blend of comics blog audio review and radio play by way of piss-take.

  7. Neon Snake Says:

    I love these. Very, very funny.

    “looking…shiny and a-glow…” LOL

    …I miss mullets in comics. I’ve been reading through the trades of the old Question series, and am now fully of the belief that it’s nealy impossible to pull off the splits or any kind of high-kick without a mullet. I suspect it’s something to do with balance.

  8. Thrills Says:

    Mac Gargan needs a mullet. Without one, he’s just not Venom.

    I liked the way Peter Milligan wrote Gambit – he really seemed to understand that Gambit is basically a well-meaning thicko.

    L<ooking forward to the Kevin O’Neill interview, as I am currently working my through Nemesis the Warlock, and have gone mildly loco for his artwork.

  9. Zom Says:

    Goes up tonight, dude. Goes up tonight

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