1st birthday podcast: downtime

February 25th, 2009


Even my hero Galactus needs to take time out to Relaxus occasionally and we Mindless Ones are no different.  For our first birthday we all got together on my spaceship and just hung out together and talked about how our favourite comic book characters like to relax.

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Thanks to Brown Lantern for the editing.

Tymbus does not approve of Johnny Storm’s recent behavior.


The Flaming Carrot sure knows how to have a good time…




…as does Bruce Wayne!



Asterix enjoys a nice feast

40 Responses to “1st birthday podcast: downtime”

  1. Sean Witzke Says:

    If I had to pick a favorite superhero-downtime moment, it’d have to be the Teen Titans/Doom Patrol dance party in Mike Allred’s Solo. It also features swinging 60sbachelor Bruce Wayne, therefore it is awesome.

  2. adam aaron Says:

    Uh, Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing’s fruit snack! She comes in colors everywhere!

  3. Zom Says:

    Solo for sure. The Swamp Thing bit is blatantly a sex scene, you big perv

  4. Juan Arteaga Says:

    I may be a big sissy, but I loved that issue where Young Justice goes camping.

    And I would like to add another vote for the Teen Titans / Doom Patrol party.

  5. Thrilltone Says:

    There was a long run of X-Force by John Francis Moore and Adam Pollina that was basically just the team on some sort of roadtrip, having larks. They perhaps got into a few too many scrapes for it to count as downtime, but I remember that period fondly.

    As you say in the podcast, the X-Folks were always having downtime issues. There was a great Joe Kelly one that featured the X-Men just having breakfast then going for a wander about town. This was during the badly-regarded Maggot/Marrow/Cecilia Reyes period, which Younger Me really, really enjoyed. It’s probably shite now, but.

    I bought an awful lot of X-comics in the 90s, so I did. I clearly should have been buying Flaming Carrot, which I am going to track down, as it sounds pretty bloody ace.

  6. Gary Lactus Says:

    I think you can still get the trades of Flaming Carrot which came out a couple of years ago. Of course, I recommend them.

    Never got that Allred Solo for some reason. I’m a dick for that.

  7. Thrilltone Says:

    The Allred Solo semmed to be sold out everywhere, so I missed it as well. I really wish I’d collected all the Solo issues, but I never saw any of them in shops other than the Paul Pope and (thankfully) the Brendan Mcarthy ones.

  8. Juan Arteaga Says:

    Another good one is that issue of Hellblazer written by Ennis where Constantine, Zattana and Swamp Thing get together for John’s birthday and smoke weed.

  9. Bill Reed Says:

    Look at that pimpin’ Galactus! I can imagine… “Devourer of worlds over here… ladies…”

  10. Zom Says:

    Truly a cosmic lounge chair

  11. nincompoop Says:

    a piss poor sign off on this podcast lactus you need to be more slick like bob monkhouse. i like the “keep it cosmic” catchphrase but the delivery lacks punch. i reckon you need some mariachi trumpet in the background, something like this:

  12. Gary Lactus Says:

    Point taken. I shall try harder in future. I’m thinking more like He-Man’s “I have the power!” though.

  13. nincompoop Says:

    why stop there though? theres nothing like an outro singalong like morecombe and wise did “bring me sunshine”:

    (to a tune like dad’s army)

    …you’ve been listening to the mindless ones
    …we hope we have enter-tained you!
    (doobie doo, doobie doo)

    and from there every one sings a verse etc.

    *mariachi trumpet solo*

    big cresendo with instruments then crashing to the floor like in the muppet show and then a cheeky double parp on one of those little horn things with the rubber squeezy things on the end.

    and then some sort of trademark animal noise like mgm have the lion you could have a donkey or a rooster or a bear.

    i mean come to that why not have comic reviews in song form? the discussion format is so old hat.

    it should be a video podcast too so you can see the dancing.

    hey you know what the show needs? girls. hot sexy girls talking about comics.

    actually forget the comics thats old hat. ditto the mindless ones. scratch the songs.

    just hot sexy girls dancing.

    and bikinis

  14. Thrilltone Says:

    I only second that idea if the ‘hot sexy girls’ are dancing in a really intense, joyless way, like disco Batman. And if they’re not actually females at all, but a solitary Batman, dancing beneath a mirrorball that shines bat-silhouettes on the cave walls.

    Each bead of straining disco-sweat reflecting his inner turmoil, perhaps tumbling from his body like pearls from his mother’s neck. His dead mother, incidentally (She’s similar to his dead father only her death wasn’t as traumatic).

    Also: Happy birthday, Mindless Ones!

  15. Gary Lactus Says:

    Nincompoop, I don’t think you’re taking our podcast format seriously. We toil and sweat round the clock for no money to bring you the most professional, insightful and exquisitely produced podduct we can possibly make. Your ludicrous suggestions have me wailing tears of despair from my face.

    And Thrilltone, you’re just as bad for encouraging him.

    I hope you’re happy.

  16. Thrilltone Says:

    I’m never happy. Not as long as there’s crime out there, and here, in my heart.

    In all seriousness, I do enjoy the effort that went into the ‘Midless Ones’ jingle – it plays in my head whenever I click on this blog, you bastards.

  17. nincompoop Says:

    i commend your toil and sweat but dry those tears lactus for you still have work to do – that’s right how can you commend your exquisitely producued podcast when you know deep in your heart that this podcast needs a fanfare ending. you hide from this lactus. ludicrous suggestions? you know i am right!

    how can i be happy until the mindless ones podcast has a dancing batman in it?

    is this ludicrous:


    no! it is utterly fabulous.

  18. General Von Klinkerhoffen Says:

    i like the early podcasts where everyone was talking over each other and there was loads of egos up against each other. and people would get annoyed if they were interupted. it’s all getting really polite now. they dont swear as much. they dont seem to make fun of tymbus anymore. taking turns and all that shit. it’s getting too civilzed like radio 2 or the culture show.i reckon they should start stirring things up again. bring out podfights like who’s the greatest comics writer:stan lee vs. alan moore. obviously stan lee but you could have someone really ripping into alan moore showing how overrated he is and that that he’s an even more shameless self promoter than lee. then the other guy who likes alan moore could get really outraged and rip into stan lee then a fistfight would break out and we would hear furniture and noses being broken. also you could do team ups like two dudes could go double dragon on one of the other guys’ ass.

    then the mindless ones would be the f**kin bomb

  19. PEANUTHEAD Says:



  20. Triplets Says:

    I love the Mindless Pods. It always freaks me out how much Gazza Lactus sounds like Bill Bailey, though.

  21. Zom Says:

    He’s a lot taller and considerably thinner, if that helps

  22. Gary Lactus Says:

    Peanuthead, although we are involved in a lot of charity work which we don’t like to talk about, we have no plans of centering our conversations around the World Wildlife Fund.

  23. ignatz mouse Says:

    my girlfriend tends to develop obsessions. the worst was when we went to see titanic at the cinema as soon as that scene came on where leonardo di caprio gets kate winslet to close her eyes then open them and holds her on the prow of the ship as if they were flying my girlfriend just went crazy for leonardo di caprio. for the next couple of years she totally obsessed over leonardo di caprio. the thing is ever since she borrowed my ipod and listened to the mindless ones shes become obsessed with tymbus. all the time it’s tymbus said this or tymbus said that. obviously her favorite podcasts are the vault of tymbus – except she doesnt like that other guy doing it. she says she just wants a podcast of tymbus on his own. she says the other ones are mean to tymbus. that tymbus always says the most thought-out clever things. i’ve got nothing against the guy personally but i’m sick of hearing his name in my house.

  24. KING CAT Says:

    my husband used to be responsible and a good provider but since becoming a fan of these podcasts his comics spending has gone through the roof. we were supposed to be replacing the washing machine three months ago. i don’t think he even knows what he’s doing anymore.
    for our anniversary he got me a gift voucher for dave’s comics. i blame the mindless ones.

  25. stans Says:

    i invited the mindless ones round for a cup of tea, after they had gone i noticed my zenith collections had been put back AT THE START??? of the 2000 AD books and my wedge antilles mini-fig had been replaced next to a pod racer which makes even less chronilogical sense. thats the last time i let those barbarians near my stuff.

  26. Bamfs Says:

    i asked the mindless ones for a crumb book for xmas. they got me a book by aline-kominsky crumb. is that supposed to be funny?

  27. THE BEYONDER Says:

    i used to be one of the mindless ones until they found me reading a book without pictures. they began yelling and gave me 12 strokes of the birch and told me to never to come back. i tried to explain it was a birthday present from my wife but they would not listen.

  28. deadzone Says:

    ever since the podcast the mindless ones have become drunk on power. they insist people only call them by their net i.d.s, all dress in public as thor and ride around on jazzys yelling “make mine marvel”. they issue crazy demands and insane decrees. like wolverine’s title count should be reduced to one but that tabitha smith’s should be increased to twelve.

  29. kenny p Says:

    my wife and i enjoy kinky sex romps in front of a camera. we answered an ad the mindless ones placed for a role-play shoot. little did we know we would be doing straight recreations of scenes between the doctor and nyssa from the peter davison doctor who episode “the keeper of traken”, with no erotic content whatsoever. neither myself or my wife are fans of the whole “sci-fi” scene and found the exerience upsetting.

  30. ben Says:

    when the mindless ones found i was only storing my comics in 2mil mylar bags instead of the stronger 4mil, they threatened to expose my inferior storage conditions to the local comic collecting community unless i upgraded my bags immediately. they’re riding roughshot with
    their threats and scare tactics. it’s just not right. they mocked out a friend of mine for having a complete run of power pack. he was in tears by the end of it. they’re animals.

  31. mangagirl Says:

    i’m an insomniac, ive tried everything tylenol, hypnosis, valerian, chamomile tea, tai chi etc.
    after i listened to the mindless ones podcast i was unconscious for 72 hours
    thank you x

  32. Zom Says:

    Zak David Buckley, I will ban you, you naughty man!

  33. 'mazing man Says:

    ever since i’ve been listening to the mindless ones i have suffered from anxiety, erectile dysfunction,
    fetor oris , red eye, proffuse sweating and stomach cramps. maybe i sould stop listening but i love to hear what comics the gang are going to chew on next!

  34. zak david buckley Says:

    (holds hands in the air as if being arrested)

    damn they caught me.

  35. zak david buckley Says:

    the mindless ones ****** ** ** **** **** ***** *** ******** *** ****** ***** ** * ****** ********* a chester brown comic.

    [Comment Deleted by Moderator]

    This comment was removed for violating the Terms of Service of using these forums

  36. Gary Lactus Says:

    Oh, Buckers!

  37. Gary Lactus Says:

    Your Tymbus Pin-up is on it’s way to you as punishment for such amusing spamery.

  38. Botswana Beast Says:

    I have to cop to the Tabitha ‘Boomer’ Smith decree – I drew a naked picture of her when I was 12 and since then, for eighteen years, it’s all I can think of.

    Is Tymbus named after the rubbish tree Inhuman, I’m sure there’s one called Timbus or something? Probably not created by Kirby – do you know Tymbus accused Jack Kirby of ruining Black Panther and Captain America in the 1970s??!! He’s a bad ‘un for sure, although I too wish the podcasts were solo Tymbus.

  39. Botswana Beast Says:

    Timberius, that’s the one, and kirby probably did create him as he’s in FF#83.

  40. zak david buckley Says:

    i know what you mean Botswana Beast ever since Boom Boom as i remember her burst into my adolescent psyche in the mid eighties in Secret Wars and then X-Factor the little vixen has basically destroyed my appreciation of girls in the real world.

    i can’t remember the amount of times i’ve just had to dig deep and say to a girl look this isnt working, youre nice, 3-dimensional and all that but can you create exploding psionic balls of energy? because if you can’t i don’t think i can ever truly love you all the way. harsh i know but sometimes the truth is,

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