Podcast: Halloween spectacular!

October 30th, 2008


Look at that! That’s The Beast Must Die‘s Haunted Mansion. A bunch of us Mindless Ones have just recorded a podcast (NSFW) there where we all talked about scary comics.

Download at your peril!

We also managed what will be our regular podcast features, Voyage Into The Negative Zone and Touchdown On Paradise Island where we slag things off and praise others respectively.


So here’s some picture for you to look at whilst you press your ear to our pods. First up here’s my, Gary Lactus’ choice of scary comic, Watermelon number 6 from 1993 (not 1999 as stated on the cover and by myself on the podcast).

The cover with the green fur spine.

A rather unpleasant bit from The Life And Crimes Of Albert Fish by Nicolas C. Grey as it appeared in Watermelon.

And the poster which comes with the comic by the same deeply unhappy man.

A lovely image from Junji Ito’s very nasty manga ‘Uzumaki’

A cover from Scream! which scared Bobsy as a kid.

One the model kits that Tymbus talks of.

Tales of the Zombie

Zom’s chilling choice.



The best Bat Battle Suit ever from Steve Niles and Kelly Jones’ Batman Gotham After Midnight

So there you go. Be sure and listen out for our planned Jesus-sized Monster Christmas Spectacular!


44 Responses to “Podcast: Halloween spectacular!”

  1. Tucker Stone Says:

    This shit cracks me up, i ain’t even done yet. Job is done, mindless ones win.

  2. Tucker Stone Says:

    Should’ve waited to say anything. Now I have to add a followup, which is that I’ll be picking up that Superman for the collie-wish panel alone.

  3. sean witzke Says:

    You’re completely spot on about Domu. Really the best psychic battle sequence in any medium.

    Going to check out Junji Ito definitely.

  4. Zom Says:

    Cheers, guys. I think we’re getting there with this podcasting lark.

    The shit-off was incredible, by the way

  5. Bots'wana Beast Says:

    Who won? Two men enter, one leaves – puce-faced. These sound so much fun, I r jelus. Fantastic job.

  6. Zom Says:

    It was a lot of fun actually, which was surprising considering how unprepared everyone was, and how most of the team were nursing hangovers from the previous night’s celebrations with Derek Excitement.

  7. Bots'wana Beast Says:

    Ah, Derek. I think he is perhaps the funniest of all Mindless Ones.

  8. Super-Dad Says:

    Pretty sure the Junji Ito image is from Uzumaki, not Tomie.

    Great stuff otherwise. Good job.

  9. The Beast Must Die! Says:

    It is indeed. Had to replace the Tomie image we had there as it wasn’t showing up. Will rectify.

  10. Zom Says:

    Was thinking the same thing, Super Dad, but didn’t like to say.

  11. Bots'wana Beast Says:

    Yeah, I made the call and I knew it was Uzumaki but the prior image’s [broken] URL had Uzumaki as part of the filename – I, not unreasonably, concluded that this particularly horrible image had been in place prior to and that perhaps Tomie was an anthology or something – even although the podcat didn’t appear to bear this out.

    Did mull altering the word ‘Tomie’ to ‘Uzumaki’ but decided to leave it (which has since been done) wishing to alter as little as possible.

  12. Zom Says:

    We’re all just too hesitant. Must be bolder

  13. Thrilltone Says:

    I agree with the points in the podcast about Casanova – I can see the ideas and the enthusiasm, and the art is ACE, but I just don’t care about the characters at all.

    I find this to be true with a lot of comics people have raved about, breathless ideas-driven throw-everything-at-the-wall-see-what-sticks comics that encapsulate all of the author’s interests, such as Street Angel, Amazing Joy Buzzards, Madman, Jack Staff…

    I’ve enjoyed all these comics, and actually own the trades, but they’re missing that emotional spark to make me really give a shit about what’s going to happen next (though Madman admittedly has one moment that totally got me right in the heart) and make me feel more about the comic than just “that was quite fun, I suppose. Great art though!” (saying that, I recognise that is sometimes enough).

    Maybe I am just a heartless, jaded husk of a man, and it’s all over for me, soul-death at 20-something years of age.

  14. Zom Says:

    I know what you mean, although I do actually really like Jack Staff. Admittedly I don’t care about the characters but there’s just something about its quirkiness that completely fascinates me. I’ll have to try writing about it one of these days.

    Street Angel I have absolutely zero interest in. It didn’t hold me at all, and didn’t work for me on any level whatsoever. In fact I’d probably go as far as to say that, what I read of it (which admittedly wasn’t too much, so I’ll freely admit to a level of ignorance), was crap.

  15. The Beast Must Die! Says:

    Amazing Joy Buzzards is another – heard the hype, bought the lot cheap.

    Two words

    TRY. HARD.

    Didn’t grab me. Felt a lot like the stuff i was reading in Deadline when I was 15.
    But I admire them trying something different Art was pretty nice.

  16. Thrilltone Says:

    What I know of Deadline makes it seem like it was full of things I would have loved, growing up. I think around that time I was embroiled in Transformers and Jive bunny, so I never got to experience it. I’ve liked the Milligan/Bond Tank Girl I’ve read, though.

    I think maybe the appeal of Jack Staff comes from the fact it sort of feels like one of those old “boy’s” comics like Warlord or Hotspur or something, but with a ‘twist’ (urgh). Maybe I enjoy it because it does feel so uniquely British – Dad’s Army or Steptoe versus vampires feels like more than the sum of its parts, somehow? The Grist magic, I guess. That said, Jack Staff himself feels like the least interesting character in it, but I suppose the comic has to hang around some character.

    I just remembered the amazing ‘Dr. Strange’section. Yeah, forget anything negative I said about Jack Staff.

  17. Zom Says:

    The appeal for me doesn’t have anything to do with boys comics. It’s definitely a weirder compulsion than that

  18. The Beast Must Die! Says:

    That may be the case, but Thrilltone is correct in that Jack Staff’s updating of British comic tropes is a big part of it’s appeal. That and the formal experimentation, plus Grist’s wonderful, blocky pop art.

  19. Zom Says:

    Sorry, didn’t mean to reject the general point

  20. sean witzke Says:

    Just read Umuzaki and the latest issue of Young Liars cause of this podcast. Both as good as mentioned.

  21. amypoodle Says:

    Brilliant, mate. Can’t imagine it made much sense without having read what preceded it, but hopefully it interested you in the trade/back issues.

  22. sean witzke Says:

    Yeah, definitely. It’s fucking insane.

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