Podcast: Halloween spectacular!

October 30th, 2008


Look at that! That’s The Beast Must Die‘s Haunted Mansion. A bunch of us Mindless Ones have just recorded a podcast (NSFW) there where we all talked about scary comics.

Download at your peril![audio:http://mindlessones.files.wordpress.com/2008/10/mopodcast007.mp3]

We also managed what will be our regular podcast features, Voyage Into The Negative Zone and Touchdown On Paradise Island where we slag things off and praise others respectively.


So here’s some picture for you to look at whilst you press your ear to our pods. First up here’s my, Gary Lactus’ choice of scary comic, Watermelon number 6 from 1993 (not 1999 as stated on the cover and by myself on the podcast).

The cover with the green fur spine.

A rather unpleasant bit from The Life And Crimes Of Albert Fish by Nicolas C. Grey as it appeared in Watermelon.

And the poster which comes with the comic by the same deeply unhappy man.

A lovely image from Junji Ito’s very nasty manga ‘Uzumaki’

A cover from Scream! which scared Bobsy as a kid.

One the model kits that Tymbus talks of.

Tales of the Zombie

Zom’s chilling choice.



The best Bat Battle Suit ever from Steve Niles and Kelly Jones’ Batman Gotham After Midnight

So there you go. Be sure and listen out for our planned Jesus-sized Monster Christmas Spectacular!


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