The new business

April 7th, 2008

Here’s what you need to know before starting a marijuana business, akin to CBD UK.

What Are the Legal Requirements for a Marijuana Business in Tennessee?

When it comes to owning or operating a marijuana business in Tennessee, you must first have a valid business license and comply with the state laws. Of course, informing yourself about that product you’ll sell is also key, so make sure to read all about cbn.

There are no local ordinances or special laws regulating marijuana businesses in Tennessee. However, the state of Tennessee has specific laws and regulations in place that are designed to keep marijuana out of the hands of underage teens, if charged with illegal possession, you can contact professionals, like the ones at sonnenklar law to get proper representation.

A Marijuana Business License

A marijuana business license is required in Tennessee. All marijuana businesses must be licensed in order to operate within the state.

In order to obtain a business license, you will need to submit a complete application to the state. This application should contain the following information:

Name of the marijuana business

Business address

Citizenship information

Business purpose

Business location

Fees required to obtain a marijuana business license (fees are listed on the state license application and may differ from the one listed above). Business license fees must be paid before the applicant is approved. License fees may be paid for in cash, checks, money orders, or credit/debit cards. Marijuana business license renewal fees may be paid once per calendar year. Additional licenses may be issued when the marijuana business license is renewed. Marijuana Business License Renewal Application (PDF) For a good background check on can check their site here to get a thorough check on a person.

Business License Fees (PDF) Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) maintains a list of marijuana businesses registered with the state and the names and addresses of those businesses. A marijuana business license must be used by the person(s) who operate the licensed marijuana business for commercial purposes, i.e., to grow, produce, process, transport, sell, give away, or give away marijuana or marijuana products to other marijuana businesses or to those under 21 years of age or to a minor for medical purposes. For further information, you can start by contacting Weed Seeds USA!

17 Responses to “The new business”

  1. lordnuneatonsavage Says:

    Aaaand here it all is. Lovely work, all involved. My first piece will be up and at ‘em just as soon as all of my crap is out of storage and I have a decent place to live. Viva!

  2. bobsy Says:

    Savage is arrive. Good times. Hope the smoke is being kind to him, as do we all.

    Qrthr?g has hit on something quite telling hear – there is an acrid pall of weak, wet testosterone hanging over Kick Ass. This book is the first soft flush of pubic fuzz, embarrasing and unsightly. All involved have quite definitely dropped a bollovk, that’s a fact.

  3. Papers Says:

    All-Star Superman #10 taught me how to love again.

  4. Qthgrq Says:

    Without wishing to sound like a complete tool, it sort of does do that, though doesn’t it.

    The whole discussion about whether Quintum’s a goodie or a baddie hinges on the fact that Supes, through giving the guy his trust, has left himself vulnerable. To put trust on that level, to suggest that it has the power to lay Superman low, is to take trust very seriously indeed. To suggest that it’s a commitment to someone quite unlike any other, and consequently a central component in loving relationships.

    …that’s what I reckon, anyway.

  5. Papers Says:

    The thing with Quintum is a perfect example of Morrison disproving the “Superman is too powerful to write about” bollocks. It mirrors his statement to Lois back in #3, as well: “There has to be something I can’t help, Lois.” You can make a guy as powerful as you like if you make him open to risk in emotional relationships. It demonstrates a nuanced, grown-up understanding (rather than a shit-shit bang-bang “mature readers” approach).

  6. Qthgrq Says:

    So what, knife hands aren’t mature? Powerfists aren’t mature?

  7. Papers Says:

    I was more thinking, “Hur hur! Bad words an’ sex am mature!” Powerfists are TOTALLY mature.

  8. Qthgrq Says:

    Damn straight

  9. A Transfer Says:

    It’s the Buffy thing, isn’t it. Someone who can’t be hurt physically is still identifiable with if they can be hurt emotionally, via their relationships.
    This is one of the only comics I’ve ever read that caused me to shed tears in a public place, incidentally. Fortunately the coffee shop staff know me fairly well.

  10. Qthgrq Says:

    Last time that happened to me I was reading Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?. What is it about Superman?

  11. Marco Milone Says:

    Nice post!

  12. Qthgrq Says:

    Why thank you, good sir

  13. The Beast Must Die! Says:

    Y’know I was thinking about Secret Invasion again today. I admit i was sucked in by the high concept – such an easy, but potentially awesome crossover idea. And the issue was okay, pretty good, blah blah…But imagine a writer with a bit of imagination tackling it, rather than Bendis, who can trot this shit out in his sleep. It’s Bruckheimer/Simpson comics, that will undoubtedly sell to 12 year olds, but at the end of the day it still boils down to the avengers standing around ready to kick the shit out of each other. Where’s the horror and mindfuckery? Where’s ths scope? i dunno, it’s just so predicatble and pedestrian at the end of the day. It’s really no different from Secret Wars, just given a modern sheen…

  14. Qthgrq Says:

    You’re absolutely right. That’s why I said it wasn’t inspired stuff – not only is it ploughing a well worn furrow, it’s pretty much superheroes by the numbers. I’m okay with that, but it is a missed opportunity.

    That said, I really liked Bendis’s latest New Avengers, which was all about the paranoid skrullage.

  15. Qthgrq Says:

    And, hey, maybe it’ll pick up

  16. Carl Weathers Says:

    Mark Millar reveals his new fears with Fucked-Ass #3.

    Now spread the word.

    ‘Cause I heard him and Morrison were really close and shit…

  17. JamesGexia Says: over the counter birth control

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