Welcome back to Diane.

Tonight Rosie, Adam and Mark find themselves lost in Part 7 of Twin Peaks, The Return, in which dog legs carry information, keys open questions, and continuity proves the terror of TV (just as much as comics)!

We discuss the narrative canvas, we bask in the warmth of Warren Frost, and we cock an ear at the resonant renaissance of magic at the Great Northern.

Ladies and gentlemen, don’t move, just listen closely.

Theme from Diane is by your boy Mass Roman of Strangers from Birth.

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Welcome back to Diane.

Tonight Rosie, Adam and Bob discuss Part 6 of Twin Peaks The Return. We’ve already eaten one-third of this – excuse me – damn fine pie, and our stage is beginning to fill up. Death, the Devil and Dick Horne are our unwanted companions at this crossroads.

Join the crew as we chat about the vagaries of Vegas, a whole new kind of bob, and the insistent buzz of pain and suffering/sorrow*

(*Delete as applicable.)

We always wanted to be a blonde, ladies and gentlemen.

Theme from Diane is by Mass Roman of Strangers from Birth.

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June 13th, 2017


My name is Gary. I am twelve years old. I live in Brighton. I have two cats. I like pop music but I love rock music. I live in a house. I hate classical music. At the weekend I play table football with my friend Jean Pierre. I enjoy swimming in the swimming pool. In my bedroom I have posters of pop musicians. I like reading comics.

SILENCE! #228 is a right old state on a plate, mate as Gary Lactus and The Beast Must Die reconvene with reports on the new Pat Mills novel, Serial Killers plus ICE Brighton and MCM London, (they’re no Thought Bubble).

Then it’s time for some Sadmin as the chaps Bat-bid a fond Bat-farewell to Adam West.

There’s only one place to go from there and that’s The Reviewniverse where Bulletproof Coffin: 1000 Yard Stare, Doctor Strange, Divided States Of Hysteria, Rocket and Extremity with a couple of brief thoughts on All New Guardians Of The Galaxy, Saga and Kaijumax


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